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Tech by Day, Singer-Songwriter by Night

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Independent singer-songwriter Joya writes "honest, small songs born from big feelings" described as "honey for the soul".

She weaves a world of her own pulling in a vast range of influences - from modern artists like Ben Platt, Sigrid, Bruno Major, legends like Carole King, and Ella Fitzgerald, to musicals to create an indie pop sound of her own.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Joya (born Jodie Chan) started performing young for fun - first with Teresa Carpio at 9, then musicals like RENT and Spring Awakening with production company YAF, HK Singers, and APA’s GYDP.

While she’s written music since she was 2 (according to her dad), Joya only began to self-release her original music on streaming platforms in 2020.

“Right before university when I was 18, I was advised by a producer from a known record company that I could pursue a career as an artist and singer-songwriter but I would have to ‘package myself for three years’, write in Chinese (because I looked the part), and maybe sell my English songs to other artists”. 

“I disagreed with that on so many levels. Plus, there’s no way that my parents could agree with me not going to university and becoming a musician” laughs, Joya. 

Less known about Joya is her background in political science, global health, and as a woman whose head was as “deep in books as in human conversation”. This love for connection through words comes through in her lyrics.

Joya left Hong Kong to study in Chicago for university, pursuing a B.A. Political Science & Global Health at Northwestern University and in Paris at Sciences Po. While at Northwestern, Joya sang alto for the Treblemakers Acapella Group and worked at the Buffet Institute in Global Studies. 

Continuing to pursue her many interests, Joya returned to Hong Kong in 2016 to work in the tech scene - not launching albums, but tech products. By day, she currently leads product strategy and communications for Notey Labs - a small-but-mighty tech firm behind products like Ultrasite and Chinafy. 

“I often say, I am not one thing. If anything, my work or “day-job” (though nights are common haha) in Tech provides another outlet for me to be creative, to be challenged, and a secondary medium for me to meet smart and talented people.” 

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Joya曾經被MTV Asia同香港電台選為新晉藝人,最近嘅音樂項目包括為National Geographic Oceans Tomorrow計劃創作同演唱自己原創歌曲"I Have Seen the Future",參與Aesop的Queer Library Campaign,同埋同香港管弦樂團喺西九文化區演出。唔好錯過睇Joya現場演出嘅機會,或者聽佢嘅最新單曲。佢嘅首張期待已久嘅專輯《SHE IS JOYA》將於2023年秋天發行。



Joya曾被MTV Asia和香港电台评选为新晋艺人,最近的音乐项目包括为National Geographic Oceans Tomorrow计划创作和演唱自己原创歌曲"I Have Seen the Future",参与Aesop的Queer Library Campaign,以及与香港管弦乐团在西九文化区演出。不要错过欣赏Joya现场演出的机会,或者听她的最新单曲。她的首张期待已久的专辑《SHE IS JOYA》将于2023年秋季发布。

您可以在各种音乐流媒体平台上找到Joya的最新单曲,例如Spotify、Apple Music和YouTube Music。您也可以访问她的官方网站或社交媒体页面,了解她的最新作品更新。