For What It's Worth Press Release

By Jodie Chan 陳詠恩

Joya Releases Uplifting Indie-Pop Single "For What It's Worth" Ahead of Upcoming EP "She is Joya"

Release: September 1, 2023



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Continuing her streak of monthly singles leading up to her upcoming EP, Hong Kong singer-songwriter JOYA will release candid indie pop love song "For What It's Worth" this September.

JOYA thrives in sharing sincere narratives and emotional melodies, drawing from very specific experiences in her life. In "For What It's Worth," she delves into the concept of unconditional support and loving someone for all their quirks.

Identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community, Christian, and a number of things but most importantly, not one thing; JOYA’s music is an extension of her beliefs in the importance of inclusion, diversity, and the difficult conversations (or songs) that get us there.

"For What It's Worth" is the final precursor to Joya’s first-ever EP release “She is Joya” coming this November 2023. "She is Joya" promises to be a blend of captivating and catchy tunes that introduce listeners to the artist, spotlighting her intimate sound through tales of love in all its diverse shades.

An up-and-coming beacon in Hong Kong's indie music realm, JOYA has been featured by MTV Asia, RTHK; and Spotify’s +852 Rising, .ORG, among other regional playlists. She has consistently been gracing the scene with highly anticipated live performances that will continue leading up to the EP release.

For What It's Worth Cover Image

Cover Artwork “For What It’s Worth”

The deeply emotional and sincere track delves into the concept of unconditional support and love. Joya's genuine lyrics and melodies ensure that the song is not just catchy but also resonates on a profound level. Lyrics like, "for when you feel on top of the world, or when it feels unkind - you've given out your best, I'm here to love the rest, for what it's worth" perfectly encapsulate this sentiment.

“This song is about loving someone for all their quirks. I like writing music that feels truthful, and that means drawing from very specific (in this case sometimes funny) experiences in my personal life for this song. 

For What It’s Worth” began as a simple song on my piano that I recorded with my phone for Valentines day over a year ago for my then girlfriend. I’m really excited about sharing how it’s developed since then.” 

Spotlight on Joya

In just two years since her first self-released demo at the height of the pandemic, Joya has released nine original singles, written and performed an original piece for National Geographic, been featured on MTV Asia, RTHK, and Tatler magazine, performed alongside a diverse range of artists including SILVY, Jason Dhakal, Cehryl, Moon Tang, The Orchestra Academy, and more. In addition to her music, Joya is an advocate for LGBTQ+ representation, diversity and inclusion. 

The anticipation is palpable for her debut album "SHE IS JOYA." In the next few months leading up to the release Joya will be releasing her first-ever Music Video, Cantonese song, and performing in Hong Kong at locations like the beloved live-music haunt Lau Bak Live House in West Kowloon Cultural district.

Collaboration with Cody Fitzgerald

The talented Cody Fitzgerald adds his own blend of unique elements to the project. Fitzgerald, rooted in Brooklyn and influenced by a plethora of music legends, infuses the track with his distinct vibe. His collaborations with reputed bands and artists and films like "The Rewrite", “Noelle” showcase his broad range of skills. 

"For What It's Worth" already stands as a testament to what they can expect: genuine, uplifting, and undoubtedly catchy tunes.

For more information on Joya, upcoming tour dates, and to stream "For What It's Worth," get in touch below.



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Joya發布令人振奮的新單曲 "For What It's Worth",預告即將發布的EP "She is Joya"

香港 - 隨著2023年11月即將發布的EP "She is Joya" 的熱烈期待,魅力四射的香港創作歌手Joya推出了一首令人振奮和朗朗上口的新單曲 "For What It's Worth"。


這首深情且真摯的歌曲深入探討了無條件的支持和愛的概念。Joya真摯的歌詞和旋律保證了這首歌不僅朗朗上口,而且在深層次上也產生了共鳴。歌詞中像 "for when you feel on top of the world, or when it feels unkind - you've given out your best, I'm here to love the rest, for what it's worth" 完美地封裝了這種情感。



自從她在大流行疫情高峰期首次自行發布的DEMO以來,僅僅兩年的時間,Joya已經發布了九首原創單曲,為國家地理頻道寫和演唱了一首原創歌曲,並在MTV Asia、RTHK和Tatler雜誌上受到了特別報導。她還與眾多藝人如SILVY、Jason Dhakal、Cehryl、Moon Tang、The Orchestra Academy等同台演出。除了音樂之外,Joya還是LGBTQ+代表性、多樣性和包容性的倡導者。

對於她的首張專輯 "SHE IS JOYA",大家都充滿了期待。在發布之前的幾個月,Joya將發布她的首部音樂視頻,首首粵語歌曲,並將在香港的場地進行演出,如西九文化區內受人喜愛的現場音樂場所Lau Bak Live House。

才華橫溢的Cody Fitzgerald作為Joya的長期創意合作夥伴,為這個項目增添了他自己獨特且朗朗上口的元素。Fitzgerald根植於布魯克林,受到眾多音樂傳奇的影響,他為這首曲子注入了他獨特的氛圍。他與著名的樂隊和藝術家的合作,以及像 "The Rewrite" 這樣的項目展現了他在音樂領域的實力。

粉絲和音樂愛好者熱切期待Joya的EP。"For What It's Worth" 已經證明了他們可以期待的:真摯,振奮,毫無疑問的朗朗上口的旋律。

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